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Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Importance of Leaning In
Right now, we are in Haiti on a medical mission to Cap-Haitien. While we are here Hurricane Matthew is expected to make landfall in part of Haiti. Now, our part is not threatened according to the weather forecast, but all the same, it is not a comfortable place for us to be in.
And we are accustomed to seek comfort in our lives, aren’t we? In all seasons, we like our thermostats to be set between 68 and 72. We crave soft sheets, pleasant smells, a comfy couch. There is nothing wrong with any of that, but everyone is going to face situations in this life when things get uncomfortable. Many times in order to get what we need or to do the right thing, we have to intentionally get a little uncomfortable.  When faced with uncomfortable situations, it’s normal to seek to minimize discomfort, to shy away from that which troubles us.
That is why it can be so difficult, during troubling times, to lean in. Lean into the discomfort, lean into the fear, lean into the danger.  It can be as small as a few kind words to a stranger who seems troubled or as big as a firefighter running toward an inferno that everyone else is fleeing. As physicians and nurses, our daily lives are filled with uncomfortable conversations, uncomfortable procedures, uncomfortable hours, but all that is done for a greater good: the health and longevity of the people we serve. As real people of all stripes, we face discomfort on a daily basis because it is the right and just thing to do.
It is hard, but life should be hard. It is uncomfortable, but life should be uncomfortable.  A life that is always easy and comfortable is boring and useless.  We believe that life is about trying to make a difference, leaning into the discomfort , and ultimately saying to God ‘Here I am, use me for your purpose.’

And our purpose is here, in Haiti, even under the threat of a storm. Here we stand, ready to serve our brothers and sisters who here in what small ways we can. Leaning in.

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